Europia Art Collective 

The Europia Art Collective (EARTS) is a community group for European artists living and working across Greater Manchester. Launched in March 2019, the collective has recruited members from countries like Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, and Bulgaria.

The purpose of the collective is to provide a safe space where European artists can support each other in their work and share their experience navigating today’s political and social climate in the UK. With events, an Instagram page and a Facebook group, EARTS aim to provide European artists in Manchester with a voice and a platform with which to connect to their local communities, promote their cultures and their art.

As the very first artistic collective specifically for European nationals, the group welcomes all new members regardless of experience, age and style. They have gained some traction in the Manchester creative scene having exhibited at the Old Bank Residency and the Manifest Arts Festival. They also appeared in a feature in The Big Issue North Magazine.

EARTS prioritises sustainable practice, and has contributed to three environmental events across Manchester – Envirolution Festival at Platt Fields Park, Northern Rebellion on Deansgate and The Sustainability Diaries in the Northern Quarter.

Europia Art Collective (EARTS) are:

Baiba Auria, Portrait Artist; Corina Bibere, Digital Visuals/Visual Projections; Mateusz Beznic, Visual Artist; Aleksandar Iliev Brayanov Digital Visuals/Visual Projections; Kush Chotterra, Executive Director Europia/Co-Founder EARTS; Sanja Govorcin Singer/Songwriter; Katarzyna Jablonska, Painter; Kristina Karpanuka Painter/Body Artist; Magdalena Kij Costume Designer/Makeup Artist; Karol Kochanowski, Painter and Community Outreach Officer; Anya Mikolajczyk, Sculptor/Poet/Art Therapist; Miroslaw Ogorzalek Graphic Designer; Amalia Serban, Digital Visual Art, Ruta Skudraite, Project Coordinator/ Co-Founder EARTS; Ivona Torovin, Painter; Inga “Eye” Zeimyte Painter; Tomas “Tea” Zitkauskas, Sculptor/Poet and Kristina Zvinakeviciute, Photographer.



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