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Our new Europia podcast is now available.

Find out more about Europia CIO, hear from our team of staff and volunteers and learn about our plans for the future.

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Europia podcast – Episode 1

Europia CIC podcast episode 1

Find out more about Europia charity and hear from some of our team members about their roles in the organisation. 

This episode features:

Caroline – Volunteer Coordinator

Cristina – Services Manager

Rozalie – Communications and Events Assistant

Konrad – Community Connector


Europia podcast – Episode 2

Europia Podcast Ep 2 cover


We focus on our charity’s health and wellbeing services, by chatting to H&W Project Worker Elena.

We discuss Elena’s background, from growing up in Bulgaria to living and studying in the North West of England. 

Elena tells us about her work in psychology and the projects Europia runs alongside the Eastern and Central European community in Greater Manchester.


Europia podcast – Episode 3 – a European Christmas!

Ever wondered how people in other countries celebrate Christmas?

The Europia team discuss their favourite traditions, both from home and the UK. We also listen to some traditional Christmas music from each of the countries featured.

Podcast Episode 3 Xmas


Europia podcast – Episode 4 – Our Roma Community Offering

n this episode, we focus on how Europia works with the Roma community within Greater Manchester, and how the charity’s health and wellbeing offering for this community is expanding.

This episode was recorded in Levenshulme Old Library, where Europia’s Roma community meet regularly. 

Elena, who is the Health & Wellbeing Project Worker at Europia, discusses:

• Europia’s Roma community groups 

• Events such as Roma Blouse Day

• The Roma Health & Wellbeing Project 

• Mental health support including free counselling

• Winter health

• Plans for an allotment

• Cervical cancer screening project


Podcast Episode 4


Europia Podcast 5: Grandma’s Health-Boosting Recipes

Comfort food from our home country is not only filling and satisfying, it reminds us of our heritage and puts health and Nutrition at the forefront of our minds.

In this episode, Projects Coordinator Chiara tells us about a new project that Europia is taking part in – Grandma’s Health-Boosting Recipes.

Send your favourite recipes on email, with pics and videos welcome, to:


Episode 5 Grandmas Recipes


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