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20th April 2020

Starting a Conversation about Dementia

Europia is Starting a Conversation About Dementia amongst Polish and Lithuanian communities in the UK, to raise awareness about the illness, and help people access available […]
20th April 2020

Roma Advocacy Project

During these unprecedented times, it is important to provide support to the most vulnerable Roma/Gypsy community members to ensure they have their basic needs met. Roma/Gypsy […]
20th April 2020

Cancer Champions

Europia has been working in partnership with Answer Cancer to launch our new Cancer Champions project. We aim to raise awareness about cancer amongst European Nationals […]
20th April 2020

Resilient Women

Women are often the caretakers of families and can also experience emotional abuse or physical violence from family members. Therefore we have created a holistic project […]
20th April 2020

Europia Emergency Fund

Europia offers an Emergency Fund where vulnerable EU nationals living across Greater Manchester can easily apply for a grant of £30-60 to help them buy supplies […]
11th February 2020

Europia in partnership with Rochdale Borough Council

Europia have been commissioned by Rochdale Borough Council to provide information and support to EU Citizens living in Rochdale to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme.
10th June 2019

Europia Research and Publications

If you would like to live and work in the UK beyond June 2021 you will need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme for a new immigration status called “settled status”.