PCC (Professional Communications Coaching) is a unique and innovative Business English language course delivered by Europia. It is specifically designed for people who already speak English at a satisfactory level and are looking to further improve their command of the language, explore British culture and cultivate skills useful for their professional and personal development.

Through the personal stories of our beneficiaries, we realised there is a certain lack of confidence when it comes to actively participating in conversations with Britons in the workplace and establishing strong interpersonal relationships. They feel insecure in expressing themselves through personal stories, jokes or using culturally relevant jargon as they feel they cannot be themselves, which subsequently leads to isolation, low confidence and a feeling of inadequacy.

This is the issue PCC is tackling. In a safe environment, with the guidance of a certified English instructor, learners from all over the world get the chance to:

  • develop skills for their professional/personal growth (interview techniques, presentations, conducting meetings, etc.)
  • discover elements of the British workplace culture and language (expressions, idioms, slang words, etc.)
  • practise their pronunciation
  • compare and contrast British and other cultures

Interesting facts about PCC:

If you’d like to be a part of this programme, meet new international friends and perfect your communication skills, get in touch with us:

Phone: 03333058570
Mobile: 07754398007

An interesting article on PCC can be found on the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce website.