Europia is local organisation that seeks to build stronger communities through positive actions. Our aim is to provide support and advice to Central and European communities living in Greater Manchester, and through these actions we hope to make a positive contribution to life in our city.

The Hate Crime Project

Over the past years we have established ourselves as the voice of Central and Eastern European communities in Greater Manchester. We value this responsibility and we value the trust that has been placed in Europia. We recognise that it is our duty to tackle the issues facing the people we are here to represent. Today one of the biggest challenges in our communities across the United Kingdom is hate crime.

  • What is hate crime?

“Hate crimes are any crimes that are targeted at a person because of hostility or prejudice towards that person’s:

  • Disability
  • Religion or Belief
  • Race or Ethnicity

When something is classed as a hate crime, the judge can impose a tougher sentence on the offender under the Criminal Justice Act 2003.

Hate crime can take many forms, examples include: assault, criminal damage, harassment, theft, fraud, burglary and hate mail to name but a few.

It is crucial to remember that anybody can be a victim of hate crime. You do not need to be a member of the group at which the hostility is targeted.

  • Our project

We want to tackle hate crime so that we can make a positive contribution to life in our city. In order to do this Europia has begun a hate crime project that will raise awareness of the issue of hate crime as well as providing advice to local communities and support to victims.

As part of our project to tackle hate crime in Greater Manchester we are seeking to provide:

Advice: We want to break down language barriers in order to provide important advice on the British criminal justice system and to clarify the rights Eastern and Central European peoples residing in the UK. Through this we also hope to challenge damaging perceptions and stigmas that result in the non-reporting of hate crimes.

Support: Through our project we hope to build support networks for the victims of hate crime. Europia aims to provide individual and group support to victims in their native language. We will also offer support by acting as a bridge between victims and important organisations such as the Police.

Through our project we also hope to identify trends of hate crime and identify groups at risk of being victimised. We will work closely with victims and the Police in order to prevent future hate crimes.

Over the coming months we will provide updates on our project and ways that people can get involved, so stay tuned!


Reporting Hate Crime

In emergency situations

In an emergency situation you should call either 999 or 122

If are unable to make voice calls, you can now contact the emergency services by text message. However, please note that to use this service you must first register your phone with emergencySMS. For more information on how to do this please visit:

In non-emergency situations

  • Contact the police

Contact your local police force, either by telephone or by visiting your local police station. If you so wish you can speak in confidence and you do not have to give your details.

Details on how to contact your local police force can be found at

  • Report online

If you would like to report a hate crime online you can do so by following this link

  • Third Party Reporting

There are also third party organisations that can report an incident on your behalf and provide you with advice and support such as the citizens advice bureau.

Find you local citizens advice bureau at

Organisations that can offer support and advice


  • Stop Hate UK

Stop Hate UK is a charity that provides independent and confidential support to people affected by Hate Crime. They provide confidential Hate Crime reporting services in various areas of the UK, including a 24 hour helpline. Please check theirlist of areas carefully before calling.


Stop Hate UK
PO Box 484

24 Helpline: 0800 138 1625
Text: 07717 989 025

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