In January, February and March 2017 Europia was part of the RadEqual project in Manchester. This was a step in helping individuals and communities who feel discriminated or may be discriminating against others to understand the use and relevance of Equality law in the workplace and in general British life.

We created the following tools which are available for sharing, please email us at for a copy of the links to download.

1) Animated videos based on the Equality Act of 2010. After community consultation we chose, religion, sex, sexuality, disability and maternity & Pregnancy.  This was an endeavor to familiarise the community on their rights and the rights of others.   The videos are available in the following languages.

  • Polish
  • Lithuanian
  • Russian
  • Romanian

2) Using independent unbiased facilitator we captured the various opinions and struggles of the Manchester residents. The members of this focus groups included Eastern European, British, Refugees, Men, Women, People of four different religions. It consisted of a structured focus group and then an informational mingling and sharing of ideas and thoughts. Both of these were captured in a report which has been updated based on the feedback of the participants.  To access this report please email