Brexit has only made our determination and commitment to the European communities stronger than ever.

We are launching updated campaigns and revived initiatives in the Hate Crime Campaign, Brexit Literature and Community Cohesion Activities.


It’s been a shock to all of us to accept that U.K has voted to leave. It took us a couple of weeks to accept what our nation has chosen. Since then we have been chatting to various community members, clients and European businesses. And it’s more necessary now than ever to show solidarity, during the ambiguous period of BREXIT.

Europia Brexit Strategy: After internal consultation and feedback we have decided on four strategic objectives for Europia over the next 2 years are to

* Increase Skill
* Increase Confidence
* Increase access to services and
* Facilitate holistic cohabiting in Greater Manchester

Once this document is completed it will be translated into different European languages and sent out for community consultation and we will also consult with our stakeholders. In addition, we will be slowly starting a factual information page on our website with information that easy to understand, relevant and not speculative. Shortly we will also start monthly information bursts on Brexit and its implications on our Eastern European Community members.

Our consultation form will be shortly available.