Manchester Spirit Walks

With Brexit fast approaching, it’s important to find creative ways of connecting the communities and individuals to the place they live in. We know that when individuals feel connected to the city they live in there is more pride, less fear, more familiarity, which leads to confidence to make use of what best the city has to offer them. This is why Europia decided to organise 5 city centre walks which will cover sites connected with the growth of Manchester as the world’s first industrial city and its importance as a centre for peace and radical political activity, such as:
  • Peterloo, the popular reform movement and workers’ rights
  • The Free Trade Hall, suffragettes to the Sex Pistols
  • Abraham Lincoln, Manchester Cathedral and the campaign against slavery
  • The Hidden Gem and religious tolerance, free thinking and science
  • Migration and the movement of people
  • Alan Turing and gay rights
  • MAG and the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Historic libraries, poets and public art
  • Manchester Peace Trail
Three of the walks will be conducted in different languages (Lithuanian and Polish) and two will cater to specific groups (LGBTQ and over 50’s -in Polish). The walks will last approximately 2 ½ hours but can be flexible to suit the schedule and they are scheduled for November and December. The group can be of any size.
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