Europia is a Third Party Reporting Centre. That means that you can report a hate crime or hate incident to us if you do not wish to go directly to the police.

All reports are subject to confidentiality. This means that nobody outside of yourself and your contact at Europia will know anything that you do not want them to know.

By reporting a crime or incident to us, we are in a position to provide you with further support and legal advice.

If you wish, we can then pass on your report to the police, who will investigate the incident further. Remember that reports made anonymously can not be investigated by the police.

If you think you may have experienced a hate crime or a hate incident but you are not sure, you can still report it anyway. We are here to provide you with advice, guidance and support.

To report a hate crime or hate incident to us, email or call us on 03333058570 (landline) – 07754398007 (mobile). Interpreters are available – just ask.

Alternatively, you can report an incident or crime directly to the police by going into any police station or calling 101. If anybody is in immediate danger, always call 999.

You can also submit reports online at