Europia’s Hate Crime research project aims to explore the experiences of victims of hate crime who live in Greater Manchester and originate from East and Central Europe (E&CE). The purpose of the research process is to help identify the nature of hate crime experienced by E&CE migrants in Greater Manchester, the kind of support they received and to identify gaps and further support needed. At the moment we are aiming to interview 30 members of the E&CE Community who are residing in Greater Manchester who have experienced Hate Crime. The project will include working closely with the Manchester Metropolitan Police and other relevant agencies. The results of the research will hopefully enable us to identify ways to improve the dialogue between the victims and the relevant agencies and to improve the support network for E&CE victims of hate crime.

The project model is based on a participatory research model which means the research team will be part of the full research process this will include:

  • Establishing and planning the research framework and delivery, including designing the research methods which can include, designing questionnaires, interviews, and running focus groups in addition to identifying secondary data from records and similar projects.
  • Carrying out the research using the methods chosen in the first stage, for this project this will include working with 30 families from Greater Manchester who have been identified as experiencing Hate Crime.
  • Report Writing

The full research project was facilitated and supported by staff and students from MMU, who will offer training and guidance at every stage of the process. MMU has an established research centre at the Birley Campus who run similar research projects throughout the year.

The research is now complete and a summarised version of the full report is available to view here:


Please contact Europia ( for a copy of the full report.

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