Europia’s 1st StrictlyVeggie! Vegetarian Contest

Europia’s first vegetarian cooking contest StrictlyVeggie! is landing on our premises on the 20th of May and we are thrilled to be hosting it! If you are passionate both about cooking and promoting the benefits of a vegetarian and/or vegan diet, or you simply like to experiment with different ingredients and recipes, then our StrictlyVeggie! contest is the right place for you.

During the past few years, more and more people are turning to a vegetable-based diet, due to its many benefits. Just to name a few one can expect to see an improvement in their health, longer life expectancy, better mood, plus it is friendlier to the environment. Every year the National Vegetarian Week comes as a reminder of all these benefits, promoting a greener way of eating. Europia decided to be part of this campaign this year and needs your help to showcase the amazing vegetarian recipes of your countries. We are making our best effort to deliver a fun, culture-rich and educational experience for all our participants, with delicious food and a great atmosphere setting the tone of the day.

The contest is divided into three sections: Cooking, Baking and Food Assembly in order to allow you to play to your strengths. Some very exciting prizes are awaiting the winners, so keep an eye on this! In order to enter our contest, you have to fill in the Registration Form and submit your recipe.

Please read our Contest Rules and if you have any queries about the contest, how to register and what will happen on the day do not hesitate to contact us using any of the contact details provided below. Bare in mind that if you come from a Central or Eastern European country, you can write to us in your mother tongue and we will talk to you in your language.

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Organising team:
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