Terms and Conditions


  1. What are Europia Women’s Awards

Europia Women’s Awards is an initiative to celebrate and reward outstanding achievements of women (including men and organisations) from European communities. In a post-Brexit vote Great Britain, the initiative comes as a way in demonstrating that European Expats have a positive impact on the local British economy, communities and cultural heritage.


  1.  How do the awards work

2.1 Nomination Process

The first step in our awards journey will be the nomination process. Via an online form, any person with outstanding achievements who meets the criteria for any one of our nomination categories, can nominate themselves or can be nominated by a third party, to be considered for an award. Any one person can be nominated for more than one category. More details about the nomination process will be provided in the next sections ‘Who can nominate’ and ‘Who can be nominated’.

Once a nomination is received, Europia will contact the nominee to confirm they are aware of the nomination and wish to proceed to the next stage. Upon confirming the participation with the nominees, the data imputed into the online forms will be collected and used to build a profile of each candidate.  A template of the profile sheet will be made public during the first week of October.

The nominations will be open from 12:00 pm, 1st August 2017 until 12:00 pm, 30th November 2017.

2.2 Shortlisting Process

Once the nominations are closed, at 12:00 pm, 30th November 2017, Europia will conclude the profile building of the candidates and organise a shortlisting process that is due to take place during the week commencing 4th December 2017.

The shortlisting will be done by a panel of judges that will comprise of at least 3 women who are recognised experts in their field. The names and profiles of the members of the panel will be revealed through Social Media and on Europia’s website in September.

For each category, the panel will shortlist 3 finalists who will be invited to attend the awards ceremony which will take place on January 2018 at Albert’s Shed, 18-20 Castle St, Castlefield, Manchester M3 4LZ. The finalists will be selected based on a number of pre-established selection criteria, that will be published by Europia prior to the shortlisting process taking place.

2.3 Awards Ceremony

On January 2018, 3 finalists for each category will be invited to Albert’s Shed, 18-20 Castle St, Castlefield, Manchester M3 4LZ, to attend the awards ceremony. During the awards ceremony, the winners for each category will be announced. The winners will be chosen by the audience and nominees, using a televoting system.


  1. Who can nominate

Anyone may nominate anyone else or themselves by filling in the online forms that can be found on Europia’s website. If you nominate yourself, you will need to provide the contact details of a referee, after you have submitted the nomination form.  Europia will contact the referee to confirm the information you provide in the nomination form, so make sure your referee is fully aware of the achievement you are nominating yourself for.


  1. Who can be nominated

In order to be nominated, a person needs to meet the following criteria:

4.1 EU nationals, individuals or organisations who support and include EU nationals in their communities and/or workplace on an equal footing to that of the UK nationals

4.2 Be a resident in the United Kingdom

4.3 Have their permanent residence in Greater Manchester

4.4 Must support gender equality at home, in the communities and/or in the workplace

4.5 Open to women, men and businesses (see award description for applicability)

Furthermore, each nominee must meet the criteria and description of the category they are nominated for.

Any finalist under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at the Awards Ceremony.

Europia employees and trustees, or their direct family members, as well as anyone else connected with organising the awards, may not enter any category.


  1. Completing the nomination form

It is important that you fill in the nomination form completely and accurately. Please answer all questions carefully. It is important that you provide as many details as you can about your nominee, as it will constitute the material on which we will decide your nominee’s entitlement to an award. It is also important to provide up to date contact details for you nominee and yourself.

Each person can be nominated for more than one category, but different nomination forms have to be filled in for each category.

IMPORTANT: please note that, if at any point before or after the awards are handed to the winners, Europia finds that information provided in your nomination form was intentionally inaccurate or misleading, Europia reserves the right to disqualify/recall your award/certificate.

  1. Communication

Europia will get in contact with you to confirm the registration of your nomination. We will also update you on the progress of your nomination after the shortlisting process has taken place.

If you have enquiries at any point during or after the nomination process ends, please send us an email at awards@europia.org.uk.


  1. Data use

All the data we collect about the nominees will be used to build their personal profile for the shortlisting process and the Awards Ceremony on January 2018.

We will use information about the finalist to promote them through our social media channels and on Europia’s website. The award winners’ information will be used for further publicity. This is subject to the nominee’s consent. All data will be stored according to the Data Protection Act and will not be shared with a third party. If the information needs to be shared we will write to you in advance to get consent.