This is your opportunity to honour and acknowledge the individual and/or company who makes an astonishing contribution to the local society and stands as an example of inclusiveness and integration. Please find the nomination form at the bottom of the page (deadline Thursday 30 November 2017).




Academic of the Year – this award recognises European female educators from primary through to graduate school, who inspire and transform student learning beyond the curriculum. They are teachers and educators who stress the importance of shaping the next generation of critical thinkers.

Student of the Year – this award recognises European female students from primary school to mature learning, who are inspired to learn beyond the curriculum, who reach out to sources beyond the textbooks, who analyse and question information presented.

Health Professional of the Year – honours European female health professionals from all sectors of the healthcare system. This award recognises women who work in a variety of roles with resilience and with a willingness to serve as role models in an industry that struggles with continued budget cuts and privatisation.

Business Services / Business Professional of the Year – this category recognises European professional women from all sectors who challenge the stereotypes that hold us back and advocate for gender equality in the workplace.

Entrepreneur / Startup of the Year – is a European innovator who recognised market demand, took the risk to develop a product or service, and successfully organised and managed the new business venture.

Employer of the Year – this category recognises employers from all sectors who support European women. Employers who promote staff diversity, equal pay irrespective of gender, and who promote women into leadership roles. Employers who understand the importance of work-life balance, and who offer flexible and fair working standards.





Mentor of the Year – is a role model who has taught by example, who has offered encouragement, support and helped others to navigate in professional situations. A person who not only offered advice on how to avoid mistakes but perhaps, more importantly, a person who also taught how to learn from mistakes. The Mentor of the Year is a person who actively promotes and makes introductions for his/her European female mentees and who overall encourages women to aspire to leadership roles.

Mentee of the Year – is a European woman with a clear vision who uses her mentor’s time well and is open to feedback. She does not resign herself to the status quo but demonstrates initiative, seeks out challenges, and works to further both her own ambitions and also those of her female peers.

Volunteer of the Year – this award recognises European women who devote their free time to helping others, to causes that positively influence individuals, and to activities which socially enhance the communities they serve.  

Community Service –  this award recognises community organisations which promote social inclusion. Their actions have a constructive effect on the social fabric of their ethnically diverse community and on the well-being of all the individuals within the community, including European nationals.

Family & Household Chief Operating Officer – we seem to undervalue the most important career one can embark on, that of a parent and homemaker. To teach values that keep young people on straight paths requires more than quality time, it also requires a lifelong commitment to achieving a better future. This category recognises the devotion and selflessness of all parents and homemakers, women and men, who nurture the next generation and without whom the strong foundations of our European cultures could not last.

Best Supporting Male – this award recognises the men who are challenging biases and stereotypes, who actively advocate for women’s rights, be it at home, in the local community, or in the workplace.




Folklore Award – this award recognises women (or organisations) whose activities showcase European traditional and popular culture to the Greater Manchester communities with the intention of enriching Manchester’s cultural diversity.  

Performing and Fine Arts – this award recognises women (or organisations) who celebrate European culture through dance, film, music, theatre, painting and drawing, photography, pottery or sculpture, in an effort to enrich Greater Manchester’s cultural life.   

Foodie Award – this award recognises the contribution of food retailers supplying European produce/meals to broadening Greater Manchester’s culinary diversity, be they a bakery, caterer, coffee house, corner shop, or restaurant, big or small.




General Eligibility Criteria:

In order to be nominated, a person needs to meet the following criteria:

4.1 EU nationals, individuals or organisations who support and include EU nationals

in their communities and/or workplace on an equal footing to that of the UK nationals

4.2 Be a resident in the United Kingdom

4.3 Have their permanent residence in Greater Manchester

4.4 Must support gender equality at home, in the communities and/or in the workplace

4.5 Open to women, men and businesses (see award description for applicability)


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