Europia supports #McrSleepout

Booth Centre is organising it’s yearly #Mcrsleepout challenge. An invitation to all of us to experience for one night, some of the hardships that homeless people have to face every single night. Also valuable funds will be raised to provide support and help to this vulnerable and –unfortunately- expanding group.

Booth Centre does an amazing job when it comes to support and help the homeless and is open to everyone, regardless of their origin. During last year only they helped 348 EU migrants, most of whom were destitute and helped 71 EU individuals get into work. The Centre provides lots of additional aid to deprived East & Central Europeans through structured volunteering opportunities and lots of additional person centric support.

We would like to see a lot of people from our East and Central European community supporting the #Mcrsleepout, sending out the message of solidarity with the less fortunate members of our society.

For more information about the Booth Centre you can visit their website and you can register to take part in the event here

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