Europia Women’s Group

The aim of this group is to create women-centric initiatives through partnering with existing organisations like BMN, VESTA and Dolphin Seminars. Through partnering with these organisations, we gain valuable information, expertise and experience which can use used to create a women’s project for all EU national women in Greater Manchester. Our current initiatives are below:

  • National Lottery Community Fund workshops (Coming Soon)
  • Resilient women: An idea and project incorporated in much of our wellbeing work. You can find more about this here

Resilient Women 

Women are often the caretakers of families and can also experience emotional abuse or physical violence from family members. Therefore we have created a holistic framework to support people, develop strategies to manage and cope with stress due to self-isolation or long working hours during the lockdown resulting from Coronavirus. 

We aim to incorporate this framework into all of our women’s wellbeing workshops and projects. 

Rochdale Borough Council: Healthy Relationship and Wellbeing Workshops

Rochdale Borough Council has funded a number of women’s workshops with Europia since December 2020. These include “Be Super You” and “Healthy Relationships” with Unchained Phoenix, which you can read more about below. Most recently, we completed a workshop with VESTA focusing specifically on controlling behaviour, the cycle of abuse, advice and the warning signs of abusive behaviour.

Be Super You: 2 Wellbeing Workshops for discrimination and hate crime

Europia, in partnership with Be Super You and funded by Rochdale Borough Council, launched 2 wellbeing workshops to address experiences of discrimination and hate crime, throughout February 2021. This was a 2-part workshop in Polish. 

Rochdale Women’s Workshops: Healthy Relationships with Unchained Phoenix 

As part of our Women’s workshops in Rochdale, we have successfully completed our 3-part Healthy Relationships Women’s workshops throughout January 2021, in partnership with Unchained Phoenix and funded by Rochdale Borough Council. These workshops supported women in Rochdale to learn more about healthy relationships through re-learning, repairing and re-claiming.

Currently, we are also conducting research through consultation events and surveys in different languages to capture the needs, necessities and challenges of European women. The second purpose of this initiative will be for other work groups to apply for funding through a joint consortium and peer to peer support and mentorship. 

You can keep updated on the status of this project and others by subscribing to the Europia newsletter .

Partnerships and Funding

In March 2021, Europia Women’s Group received funding from The National Lottery Community Fund to create workshops and events in different EU languages to bring women together to learn, make new connections and share experiences with each other.

These events and workshops are currently being planned. Please get involved by signing up to Europia’s free newsletter and by joining the Europia Women’s Facebook Group, where you will receive all the latest news and information.

Partners include: POMOC – Polish Migrants Organise for Change; Mama Network CIC; Dolphin Seminars;  The Unchained Phoenix CIC;  Vesta SFS CIC and more.

For any enquiries, please email the womens project coordinator Marlena at

Advisory panel members

Maria Kompanowski , Kush Chottera, Marlena Wawrzenczak, Val Bayliss-Brideaux, Ewa Wilcock, Violetta NiklasDr Ruxandra Trandafoiu,Karolina Koscien, Dorota Iwankiewicz, Karolina Sku

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