Europa Communities

Europia offer a wide range of free support, information and activities for EU nationals across Greater Manchester.

Europia works with a number of communities in Greater Manchester, through wellbeing workshops, support groups and online/in-person events. You can see more details of our current projects below.

CDC Project

CDC Project ‘Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’ Europia is collaborating with Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust on a research project exploring barriers to diagnostic testing. This project aims to explore the experiences of Central and Eastern European nationals with accessing health and social care services in England, with a focus on diagnostic testing.

Roma Health Project

Roma Health Project For Romanian version click here. Europia is a community development organisation established in 2008. Our friendly team is committed to supporting people from Eastern Europe in Greater Manchester. Cultural Health and Wellbeing Programme. This project aims to support people to better understand their health needs and the services available.

Roma Community

Europia aims to support and advocate for Roma rights and equality through our different projects. You can view our past and current work here.

Polish Communities

Europia runs a number of workshops for the Polish communities in Greater Manchester, in both English and Polish.

Europia Women's Group

Europia supports EU national women in Greater Manchester through a collection of women-centric wellbeing projects and workshops, in partnership with a number of organisations across the UK.

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