Coronavirus update

As the Government and Local Authorities release latest advice regarding Coronavirus – COVID-19 – Europia continues to work with the latest guidance as it changes. 

Europia is continuing to carry out all meetings and support services online and on the telephone. The team is working from home to ensure access to all of our services.

Welfare Advice, Housing Support, Legal Surgery and European Settlement Scheme assistance are available over the phone, on Zoom or via email. To enquire about the services we offer please ring 0333 3058 570 or email . Our current opening hours are Monday-Thursday 10.00 – 16.00.

In response to the lockdown measures across Greater Manchester, Europia has been working in partnership with local councils and voluntary organisations including Action Together, Healthwatch Rochdale and Oldham Council to provide emergency support in the form of translated advice, guidance and videos. View our translated council advice videos for Rochdale here

Europia has also been working with Doctors of the World to provide NHS Guidance translations in EU languages online. Please find translations in European languages in the drop down menu below.

Europia has also undertaken projects in response to COVID-19 such as an Emergency Fund to support vulnerable EU nationals living in Greater Manchester during the pandemic. For more information on our ongoing projects during COVID-19, please click the “Find out more” button below.

NHS Guidance

Europia has been working with Doctors of the World, providing translations of COVID-19 NHS Guidance into multiple European languages. Europia has also been producing information videos explaining COVID-19 Guidance in selected European Languages. Find up-to-date translated COVID-19 NHS Guidance and information videos in the drop-down menus below:

NHS Guidance in 16 EU languages available to download here

For NHS Guidance in English:

For NHS Guidance in all other languages:


Trusted public service information

Europia has been collating the links to the COVID-19 HUBs for each Greater Manchester borough council. If you want to know about the services your local authority is providing during COVID-19, please find the link to their website in the dropdown menu below:

Local Borough Council Local Guidance