Coronavirus update – March 2020: Europia

Thursday 19 March 2020 15.00 (BST)

Europia is the only registered charity with the sole purpose of serving E.U Nationals in Greater Manchester. In light of the Government’s latest advice, “For people to avoid non-essential contact ”

We have taken the decision to cancel all public meetings and events. The health and safety of our staff, visitors, service-users and volunteers is of utmost importance to us, We are currently working on a plan to continue to provide support for all our service users,

Support services include:

Welfare Advice, Housing Support, Legal Surgery, European settlement scheme, Therapy sessions, Arts Workshops, etc.

Where possible, all ongoing client interactions will be done over the phone or through a video calling facility,or via email. Although our working hours may be affected by ‘Coronavirus’ we will continue to provide as much support as possible, to our service users


For information in English about Coronavirus from the NHS:

Europia has partnered with ‘ Doctors of the World’ and are supporting them with the EU language translations. We are being supported by qualified and practising medical professionals. Or trusted community leaders. All of the translated work will be proof-read by an independent person, prior to its release to the general public

Health advice and information can be seen at ‘Doctors of the World’

We will continue to provide up-dated information and translations, as quickly as it becomes available, via ‘Europia’ social media channels

With best wishes,

Kush Chottera.

Executive Director, Europia and Co-Founder Europia Art Collective.

 Europia is a registered charity (No. 1161453) and relies on funding and donations to support. We welcome individual donations at this critical time to help keep our support services open to the most vulnerable people. Please, if you can, give today at

100% of the donations will be used to help vulnerable communities’ members through food, travel, rent, etc.