Communities in Rochdale Borough Council

With funding from Rochdale Borough Council, Europia has facilitated a number of workshops for EU nationals in and around Rochdale. This includes women’s workshops, emotional therapy sessions, mental wellbeing workshops for young people and upcoming community cooking sessions. You can read more about these workshops below.

Women’s Workshops in Rochdale

As part of our Women’s workshops in Rochdale, Europia has successfully completed a 3-part Healthy Relationships Women’s workshops with 15 women throughout January 2021, in partnership with Unchained Phoenix, and funded by Rochdale Borough Council. 

Europia has also held free Women’s workshops in partnership with Be Super You that happened throughout February 2021, focussing on experiences of hate crime and discrimination specifically for the Polish community. 

Most recently Europia has worked in partnership with VESTA, an organisation that aims to empower Polish families in England and Wales. This workshop was in Polish and provided support for those in controlling and abusive relationships. 

Emotional Therapy One to One Sessions – FREE for EU nationals

Europia One to One Emotional Therapy Sessions are available for any EU nationals who live or work in Rochdale Borough Council who have experienced hate crime, discrimination and human trafficking. These are personal sessions and are available now in English and a range of EU languages. For more information and to apply (places are limited) please email: or sign up through our confidential form

Community Cooking Sessions 

Europia will soon be launching community cooking sessions over zoom, teaching you how to make food from across the world in different three cooking sessions. This is a great opportunity to learn the recipe of some of your favourite dishes and make some new friends. These sessions will be starting in May 2021, and you can keep updated with this project by signing up to our newsletter below.

iheart Mental Wellbeing and Resilience with Falinge Park High School

In partnership with wellbeing organisation iheart and Falinge Park High school in Rochdale, Europia are facilitating 11 weeks of FREE mental resilience and wellbeing workshops for young EU nationals in Rochdale. These sessions are based on the iheart curriculum and is aimed to prepare young people for life so they can manage stress, anxiety and feeling down at times and also those that just want to be the best versions of themselves too. 

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