Bus Network Review

The bus is a vital part of life in Salford.salford

But, it doesn’t always go where or when you want it to.

We are carrying out a review of the bus network

across the City and want to find out what

YOU want from your local bus services.

Come along to the Consultation Workshop and have your say  agito
Light refreshments available

East Salford area

Thursday 26 February 6pm – 8pm.

6pm – 8pm. The Beacon Centre, 8A London Street, Salford, M6 6QT.

Ordsall & Langworthy area

Tuesday 24 February 6pm – 8pm.

Pendleton Gateway, 1 Broadwalk, Pendleton, Salford, M6 5FX

Wednesday 25 February 6pm – 8pm

Ordsall Neighbourhood Centre, 2 Robert Hall Street, SalfordM5 3LT

Although Salford is reasonably well served by the existing bus routes, there are some areas which are less well served in terms of their access to jobs, education, health facilities, shops and leisure activities.  Many communities have previously highlighted that the bus services should be enhanced to offer:

  • A more comprehensive, integrated network;
  • Higher frequencies on key corridors;
  • Earlier and later bus journeys;
  • Greater accessibility to some key locations;
  • Improved orbital links across Salford

Salford City Council has appointed consultants, Agito Transport Planning, to undertake an independent review of the existing bus network in Salford to identify the main issues that residents have with bus travel, and to identify a network that better meets their needs.

Agito and SCC will be, jointly, hosting a series of consultation workshops, beginning in late February 2015, to discuss accessibility and to capture the views of the local communities and businesses on their local transport issues and needs. To help the review to focus on local issues, a workshop will be held for each of the Community Committee areas, beginning with the East Salford and Ordsall & Langworthy areas.

The objective of the review will be to identify a realistic “Vision” for a bus network in Salford that can provide for the local needs, and support sustainable economic growth and regeneration.  This will assist in planning any future changes to the network with TfGM and the Bus Operators

Roy McDonald

Agito Transport Planning

January 2015


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