What does lovage bring into your mind? What does it mean to you?

We have asked the ladies to reflect on  what is it that comes to their mind when they are thinking of /using / looking at lovage. What is the association for them? Ladies came up with this list of really beautiful comments:

  • “I like [lovage] because I use it every time I cook. I like it as it is something that you do not always find [in the UK]”
  • “I like it because of the smell that it has and the taste that it gives to food.”
  • ” I have been using it every time I cook, for the last 25 years”
  • “I am thinking of my home country, and my mom, and grandma when we were cooking together.”
  • “I like the smell of it when I am cooking, and when I grow it, it makes me feel good”
  • “I like lovage, because it gives the best taste to food. Food can taste bad in foreign countries….”

These comments really show that home, traditional dishes and family are deeply in the hearts of these ladies …..It also tells a story of a migration to another country, missing tastes and family members. We are so grateful for those reflections being shared with us!

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