#Wellbeing series: A guide to your emotional health and wellbeing

Long-Term Physical Health Conditions- A guide to your emotional health and wellbeing

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Living with a health condition Our mind and body are firmly linked, affecting each other. For many people, being diagnosed with a physical health condition and living with it daily can affect how you feel emotionally and cope with life’s stresses. 


Certain physical health conditions and their treatments can cause changes to your mood, and you may also have to adjust your daily routine, which can take its toll on your mental wellbeing, making it more likely for you to suffer or possibly develop a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety. Living with a long-term physical health condition can sometimes leave you feeling like you are riding on a roller coaster of emotions and feelings, with ups and downs. Feeling afraid, sad, angry, guilty, annoyed or simply worn down are common reactions people experience. It can take some time to come to terms with being diagnosed with a health condition. We may want to ignore the fact that we have health problems. However, coming to terms with it is essential. 

Looking after your emotional health is just as important as your physical health, but we often neglect it or don’t know how to do it. 

Some small steps you can take to reduce anxiety and depression you feel.

  • Talk to someone you trust
  • Distract yourself by doing something you like
  • Keep a diary about your thoughts and feelings
  • Connect with those around you
  • Live in the present and try not to be burdened by the past.

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