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Europia is launching ECHO – Translations and Interpretations Services, the new social enterprise, to continue and develop the excellent service that Europia has provided so far. We offer B2B and B2C, #culturally #appropriate translations to the highest standard in the most spoken European #languages.  


For 14 years, Europia has been supporting and empowering Eastern European nationals in Greater Manchester with practical community and well-being projects as well as advice and legal sessions. We have also launched projects that have touched on the Ukrainian, Roma, and Polish communities.



The service of translating and interpreting was a part of Europia for a long time, but just recently, Europia decided to officially launch it as a core service! 

With the launch of Echo, Europia aims to empower and transform communities through enabling them to access information and help them break a language barrier.

We focus on solving problems related to language barrier, and expanding on the ability to support people’s progress with training and paid work in Greater Manchester.

Our target audience is Central and Eastern Europeans in Greater Manchester. They moved from their country to start a life in the UK, and some of them might be more vulnerable, escaping from poverty, war or other reasons. They want more of a successful life and their daily pain points include language barrier here in the UK, both in personal and professional life. Their interests include looking for communities, support and opportunities. They connect with these communities through channels including social media, and word-of-mouth.

Using many years of experience in representing and providing services to our clients, as well as good knowledge of British systems and our relationships with local authorities, we can provide tailored and advanced solutions to enable communication between Central and Eastern European communities and local authorities or institutions. That’s what makes Echo an unrivalled solution within the market.



Cristina Leonte-Racu, the founder of Echo, says, “ I am pleased that we can finally launch this project and support the underrepresented Eastern and Central European communities, by providing culturally accessible translation and interpreting services, as well as upskilling opportunities. Our main goal is to create a sustainable model that ensures the EU nationals will always have a voice.”




Echo’s translations and interpretations are the best way for our target audience to experience the most of Greater Manchester and grow personally and professionally.

For more information, please email:

Or call: 07762807487 




Echo Away Day 2022

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