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Europia’s new ECHO translations and interpreting service is available for businesses and directly for consumers and clients in Greater Manchester. 

The population of Greater Manchester is approximately 2,55 million making it the second largest urban area (Population UK, 2022). With the fast growing city and population, certain minorities are getting larger every year. 

Around 9% of the population in Crumpsall and Levenshulme areas of Manchester do not have English as their first language and do not speak English very well (Ordnance Survey, Daily Mail, 2022).

(Census, 2022)


According to Census (2021) 49.7 million out of 54.7 million people in England have English as their main language with the remaining almost 10% speaking other languages. 

The most commonly spoken languages after English in England and Wales are Polish (612,000) and Romanian (472,000). 

Although Polish was the second most spoken language ever since 2011, Romanian increased rapidly over the 10 years and went from 19th place to 2nd most spoken language in England and Wales surpassing many languages including Arabic, Spanish, Urdu, Portuguese and others. 

With these figures, it is more important than ever to offer translation and interpreting services here in Greater Manchester. 



We can translate and help interpret many languages including: Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Czech, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Romanes, Ukrainian, Italian, and languages available upon request.

Are you a qualified translator or interpreter and are interested in working with us?

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More information about the population of England and Wales can be viewed here:

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