Beginning of April: The Facebook Group

We have  decided that, while we are growing our plants in our own homes, we want to be in touch and form a little community that interacts with each other, despite being isolated one from another. This is now done by  using Facebook and telephone to keep in touch. It is a closed , small  Facebook group to ensure everyone feels safe to post in there, and that we can make new friends. We have also  been very fortunate that our Europia design talent, Marlena, designed a logo for the group! 

This logo uses the international Roma flag colours and contains the flag itself. Everyone in the group thinks that it is beautiful! While we are looking for a volunteer to help out with translating Romanian to English, our colleague Mandy helps out. Mandy has lived and done charitable work in Romania during the 1990s and speaks the language. Thank you Mandy for your input ! Ramona keeps in touch via telephone with all the group participants and offers support to those who may need it to interact.

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