7th June 2021

First Meeting at Allotment

On 7th June, Magda, Ramona, and four Romanian Women met in the allotments. We planted lovage, tomatoes, spring onions, beans, and raspberries. It was a lovely and sunny day, so everyone enjoyed it. Ramona and Magda are preparing something special for Romanian women. On Monday 28th June, we will meet again with the women in […]
30th May 2021

New is Coming: Moving to the garden and team changes

It is all confirmed ! Levenshulme Growing Together initiative has agreed for us to use the growing bed in their garden – they even built one especially for  us.  So exciting! Also Magda is joining the project as the new project coordinator, she will be also attending the gardening sessions on Mondays alongside with Ramona […]
19th May 2021

The Lovage is Growing, Time are Changing

As we have already passed the festivities , we  are in the midst of May and lockdown rules are easing , many of the ladies that are participating in our project could go back to their jobs as businesses  are open again. We are very happy because of this , livelihoods are  very important, especially […]
5th May 2021

Beginning of May: Easter is upon us!

Easter for most Romanians falls at the beginning of May this year , because the Orthodox Church follows the Gregorian calendar. Easter is by far the biggest religious (as well as traditional) celebration of the year . We heard from the ladies that they started cooking days before and coloured many eggs as preparation. We […]
30th April 2021

What does lovage bring into your mind? What does it mean to you?

We have asked the ladies to reflect on  what is it that comes to their mind when they are thinking of /using / looking at lovage. What is the association for them? Ladies came up with this list of really beautiful comments: “I like [lovage] because I use it every time I cook. I like […]
29th April 2021

What foods can you use lovage for?

We have asked the question,  and a stream of the mouth watering photos came to the group’s page! Soups, cabbage parcels, stews – all look really delicious!   
10th April 2021

Update: First shoots are out!

Only imagine, these tiny shoots will (hopefully)  become a plant that can grow in the garden, upto 8ft tall! Thank you A. for sending this picture!
5th April 2021

Beginning of April: The Facebook Group

We have  decided that, while we are growing our plants in our own homes, we want to be in touch and form a little community that interacts with each other, despite being isolated one from another. This is now done by  using Facebook and telephone to keep in touch. It is a closed , small  […]
2nd April 2021

Seeds are planted!

How exciting! Ladies from the group have planted the first seeds in their propagators and sent us pictures! Now in 10 homes in Levenshulme, lovage seeds are developing in propagators  We have decided to give  prizes  for photos posted in our Facebook group  . We will have weekly and biweekly competitions  to keep everyone motivated […]

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