Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017

Support Europia Art and Culture Campaign

Everyone in Europia is thrilled as we taking part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017, the UK’s largest match funding campaign, taking place from November 28th midday to December 5th midday, 2017.



Through our Big Give Campaign, we aim to raise funds for creating an Art and Culture Project to reach out to individuals and families with low income, mental health issues and physical health issues. We want to specifically target individuals who are socially isolated due to multiple disadvantages, including language and cultural barriers. By nature, some part of the community members we serve do not access services and do not want to seek help. This makes them vulnerable to inaccurate information or breaking down in relationships as others may tend to take advantage.

Our Art and Culture project will focus on making art and cultural events accessible and bring all European Expats together irrespective of their socio-economic background. This will encourage genuine relationships to form based on common interest and the love of art and cultural activities. It will help people feel connected to Manchester and valued as individuals.

How will we accomplish this?

  • We will provide cheap or even free tickets to monthly arts and culture events and shows and we will encourage people to access them.
  • We will hold regular workshops, activities and events -possibly in different languages- which will bring people together. They will be conducted by community artists who are bilingual, which will help the hard to reach community members and over 350 individuals to engage with our project. This will increase their confidence and boost their well-being.

 What happens during the Christmas Challenge?

Donations made to our project via Big Give website will be doubled during the campaign. If you would like to support our work this year, we highly recommend doing so during the Christmas Challenge (midday 28th November – midday 5th December) when your donation will be doubled and make even more of a difference to us.

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