Europia is looking to form a friendly and casual group with the objective of providing a platform for European Expat’s, their friends and family members to express their sexuality and identity with other people from the same community. Not everyone in this group is LGBTQ. One of the aims of this group is to have the first ever European Expat float in 2020 Manchester Gay Pride.

The aim of our gathering is to exchange ideas and do a little brainstorming towards future LGBTQ events and activities around Manchester (Greater Manchester). Everyone is welcome, no matter if you have a clear concept on your mind, questions or just would like to get an overall idea about our group.

The meeting is open to all LGBTQ members from the European Expat Community as well as their friends and supporters.

We aim to:

– Exchange ideas for various types of activities and events.
– Create a network of LGBTQ European Expat Community.
– Support each other.
– Connect with people who would like to share their creativity and skills.

Please follow our Facebook group for more information and details of te next meeting