Valuing your Communities

Europia recently won a small pot of funding to do events which will aim to put together a collection of meetings to start-up the foundations of the projects we intend to develop in Ashton-under-Lyne. The proposed meetings have a number of objectives. Firstly, to introduce Europia and its work to the East and Central European community and wider Ashton community, which notably have a large Polish community and for the first time we will be looking to engage with the larger Ukrainian community in Ashton. Secondly, to discuss the forthcoming ESOL and community consultation work that Europia seeks to undertake. Thirdly, to meet and form community contacts, and lastly, to introduce the charity to other key contacts in the area.We will hold three events on the third Saturday of January, February and March at the Church of Nazarene in Ashton.

16.1.2016: Our first event will focus on consultation and also working on an exhibition piece of work by the Polish community at Portland Basin Museum, which will be displayed at the museum during all of March for International Women’s day. This event will also have a registered child-minder and Sophie Watt (on placement from Manchester University)  to  have fun activities for the children, while the parents are engaged in the consultation.  For more information on this event including its report and photographs please click here.

27.2.2016: We will have an event on Love and Hate. We will talk about What is Hate crime and Hate Incident and how to report it. Sophie will have some fun games of including children into this discussion of accepting different people according to the anti discrimination legislature. For more information on this event click here.

19.3.2016: We will have a traditional Eastern European Easter filled with old traditional activities. For more information on this event click here.




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