Salford’s Baltic & Slavic stories – Valuing our heritage

Our main aim is to engage with the very hard to reach over 55-year-old Eastern European communities. They have started to increase in numbers as they migrate here to be with their children and grandchildren. T also a support to young families who need childcare to continue working full time. Our initial consultation has shown that ESOL classes are not of interest. But however, any oral communication sessions are preferred, as they want to communicate better with their grandchildren. They have also expressed interest in understanding the systems, procedures and culture of the British way of life, including NHS, schools, Neighbourhood Policing, etc.

We are going to conduct two months of dumpling making session, as all Eastern and Central European countries have some form a Pierogi (stuffed dumpling). Through these sessions, we will teach them conversational English, but also tease out the different types of making dumplings and also bring out stories of their childhood, culture and heritage.

In the following two months we will form a group of individuals and start creating stories with our experienced Anthropologist Dr Hannah Wadle and convert them to animated videos in 6 Eastern European Languages (which will have a reach of over 11 nationalities). These stories will then be showcased at a local event in June 2016 for Eastern European and local community members at Eccles Town Hall.


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