Negotiations Masterclass – Improve your profit margin

John “Bob” Spence will join us on the 30th of September and will deliver this 3-hour Negotiation Masterclass which will transform the way you negotiate & counter the negotiating tactics of customers & clients. It is designed for people like you who may not be professional sales people but do come into contact with situations that require negotiation skills. You will have the chance to listen to tried & tested methods that assist holding your price in the face of; “your competitor is cheaper”, “you are the most expensive”, “we would expect a discount” & all the usual comments we receive when we get to the pricing structure of our proposal.

What you will learn:

  • How to define the characteristics of the negotiation & why this is important.
  • An appreciation as to what businesses negotiate with aside from the price/fees.
  • What companies will use as leverage to generate profits before negotiation skills.
  • Why you should take business failure rates into account when asked to discount your price.
  • What is the potential impact of raising your price?
  • What is the potential impact of lowering your price?
  • Why competitive advantage is more important than your pricing structure.
  • Why you should consider your negotiation vocabulary.
  • How you can use the “Ackerman Discounting” model. (This is a model that was examined at Harvard & used by FBI agents to discount financial requests. A practical demonstration as to how this works in business will be shown.)

Who is John “Bob” Spence

John “Bob” Spence is a business development specialist, trainer, coach, consultant and experienced Public speaker from workshop to auditorium size audiences. He has spent over 15,000 hours in negotiations closing over 3,600 transactions. Over 1600 training sessions delivered to over 15,000 people across 25 years.
Co-founder of “Akademia Negocjacji dla Biznesu” & a recognised international trainer in the area of negotiation. 30 years experience conducting negotiations up to board room level including negotiation of local peace agreements during the Angolan Civil War. Has extensive knowledge across private & public sectors, including Financial Services, IT, Insurance, encompassing negotiation advice, sales, consultancy, arbitration, investing & corporate training. Experience spans Europe, Middle East & the USA. A corporate member of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce and a lecturer at the Asbiro University

When: Saturday 30 September 2017, 10:00-13:30 (Please arrive at 09:30 for a 10:00 start. 2 coffee & cake breaks each 10 mins long)

Where: Europia, St. Wilfrid’s Enterprise Centre, Royce Road, Manchester, M15 5BJ

Cost: £79.00 per person to be paid here

More info:

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