Manchester Day Parade 2017 – The story so far…

It was back in March when Europia was presented with some truly amazing news; our application to be part of the Manchester Day Parade, our city’s most colourful and vibrant event, has been approved! For yet another year our community would have the opportunity to combine different cultural elements from Eastern and Central European countries and show to the Mancunian crowd a slice of their heritage, adjusted accordingly to the parade’s theme. And this year the theme calls for illusion, imagination, escapism, embracing all things magical! “Abracadabra” its name.


Beginning of the journey…


Our artistic team was set; our lead artists Hannah Wadle and Ruta Staseviciute, their mentor Michael Pavelka and his assistant Stella Cecil would lead our team of participants and help them bring their vision to life. The first meeting was full of enthusiasm, ideas and an extremely lively brainstorming session, filled with tales from different countries, mythical creatures, gipsy waggons, traffic jams, forests. There was a basis of three different ideas to work upon; an architectural one, embodying elements from the surrounding buildings and bringing them to life, a nature-orientated, in which mushrooms, ferns and forests come to life (a much-beloved theme in Slavic culture) and another one based on a Polish water demon called “Bagienniczka” or “Boguńka”.



Final theme…


The choice wasn’t easy at all as you can imagine! Incorporating parts of all these ideas seemed the wisest thing to do. Hence the final theme features a driver stuck in a traffic jam in the city centre (sounds familiar?). Not being able to physically move, their imagination takes over and all of a sudden everything begins to change around them. Pedestrians in boring suits and high-vis vests transform into butterflies and elves, the cars reshape in colourful gipsy waggons, a tree makes an appearance and takes the viewers away from the mundane street life into a world of colours and life! Europia’s “Rush Hour Reverie” will add a whole different perspective to traffic jams.



Progress so far…


The past few weeks have been quite hectic for our artists and our community representatives as one can imagine. In the WoW workshop space of “Walk the Plank” sewing machines are on fire, colours, scissors, papers and fabrics are blended together, butterfly wings are almost ready to spread! With less than a couple of weeks left for the parade to take over the streets of Manchester, preparations are getting more intense, but everyone is still working tirelessly and putting their best foot forward. Come to see us on the 18th of June and you will never fret of another gridlock!



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