Europia Women’s Awards

Europia is very proud to launch a new initiative. An initiative which aims to honour, recognise and celebrate the successes of the European women living in Greater Manchester. It is the “1st Europia Women’s Awards”.

In the current post-Brexit Britain climate, it is more important than ever to highlight and promote the numerous contributions these women are making to the local society, to raise awareness of their achievements, underline the significant part they are playing and thus empower them and showcase why their presence is vital and necessary.

We will present awards in 15 different categories, ranging from the arts and education to entrepreneurship and housekeeping (a very undervalued -unfortunately- venture). In an intimate, yet glorious ceremony, on January 2018, the winners (chosen by our audience in situ from the shortlisted nominees) will receive an honorary certificate.

Let’s show to the world all the extraordinary things our women do for the benefit of our communities and the British society, as at the end of the day their prosperity is interconnected.


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