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In these difficult times of Brexit Europia is here to support you in whichever way possible, below are a list of what we can do for you. Please write us a message in your language to make contact with us on Phone 03333058570 mobile 07754398007 or email us on hello@europia.org.uk.

Europia Support (FREE-No charge):
• How to apply for and deal with complications in Welfare Benefits and advice
• Accompany you to important appointments. And Communicate on your behalf.
• Give advice on problems with utility providers (gas electric, water, employer’s, school, etc.)
• Legal Literacy Support (help with legal matters)
• Explaining and understanding what is Hate Crime and Hate Incident
• How to report Hate Crime and Hate incidents experienced by yourself or someone else you know (anonymously if required)

Europia Academy:

• English For You
• Free English classes (where available)
• Literacy English classes (how to write better)
• Training on a variety of topics
• Professional Communication Coaching (for people who speak fluent English but need support)
• Looking for job including Employability skills, mock interview, etc.
• Free training on Welfare Benefits in the U.K
• Access to Education (what to do to study further in the U.K)
• Volunteering – getting valuable work experience and references for when you apply for a job

If you want to get in touch with Europia, it couldn’t be easier.  You can email us at hello@europia.org.uk, call us on 03333058570  mobile 07754398007 or write to us at St Wilfrid’s Enterprise Center, next to Hulme Park, M15 5BJ.


Alternatively, you can complete this simple form below.

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